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We're Best in Providing

Virtual Assistance

Inbound Call Centre

Believe us when we say that customers will always have a reason (or a million) to get on the phone with you and keep you on a call for an hour- you know that already.

If you’re wondering how your business can handle inbound calls excellently and still reserve enough time to get work done, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of inbound support experts delivers first-in-class inbound call services, telephone answering services, call answering services, IT customer support, and customer care services that will guarantee that someone will always be available to keep your customers satisfied while you focus on whatever you do best.

Outbound Call Centre

Apart from calling to receive product and service feedback from clients, outbound calls are a crucial avenue through which any business can multiply revenue by upselling existing products, offering customers attractive deals, or simply asking a customer to try out a new product.

We offer outbound call centre services where our qualified outreach personnel reach out to your potential and existing customers, ensuring that your brand maintains the first place in their mind.

Back office

Every successful business does quite a lot behind the scenes to consistently generate outstanding results over time and even though these back-office tasks may seem boring to you, they must be executed to ensure a streamlined, result-focused workflow.

Let our data and analytics experts handle the demanding and time-consuming information reporting and accounting your business requires to keep running smoothly.


Customer Support

Along the pathway of creating and marketing your great products and services to clients, everything may not go smoothly, but with us around you can rest assured that you while you focus on providing your clients with your quality products and services we’ll always have your back at the support centre.


Appointments & Lead Generation

Don’t spend your precious time googling stuff like ‘lead generation companies’, ‘best lead generation companies’ or ‘qualified lead generation’; take the smarter choice – Splitech.

Years of experience has taught us what works in lead generation and what doesn’t, and we’re committed to leveraging our experience to generate streams of warm leads to keep your pipeline filled with qualified prospects.

Email Handling

According to statistics, a well-executed email campaign can generate up to 38x ROI. Over time, emails have proven to be the most preferred mode of reaching out to businesses to place orders, lay complaints or just make an enquiry.

With the email handling services we provide to forward-thinking companies, we help you organize your inbox, address customer email requests, send out company newsletters, or handle your email lead generation.

Chat Support

Nothing wows customers more than being there at the exact moment when they’re looking to get a pressing issue resolved, and nothing turns off potential customers more than having to fill forms and send numerous emails just to make an enquiry.

We offer live support and online web chat services that provide relevant information to your current and intending clients, from the moment they land on your site till you close the deal.

Why should you be Interested?

Our virtual assistance and customer support services are designed for businesses that are looking to deliver satisfactory support to numerous customers across multiple channels, with the guarantee that we’ll keep your customers returning over and over again.

If you’re looking to outsource your lead generation, overall customer support, back office services or online web chat to an experienced virtual assistance agency, we will be happy to help.